Aborted Short Story

Posted by The G on June 30, 2009 under The G Spot | 2 Comments to Read

Psychedelic Empire State Building by G

Psychedelic Empire State Building by G

It was Saturday night.  He was home alone.  Again.  For the third time in as many days.  He was a little hungry but there was no food in his apartment.  Sure he could go to the store or order in, but nothing sounded good.  Then he remembered that lolly pop that someone had given him at a rave the week before.  He unwrapped it and gobbled it down.  Suddenly, he didn’t feel so well.  The room started spinning and then he started seeing colors.  “Were those colors always there,” he wondered.  Then the answer came to him…

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  • Davige said,

    Aha! Damned mescaline/fruit lollies are ace! Psychedlic views of NYC must be a thing to behold?

  • ed said,

    You are so funny G!