Adam Lambert

Posted by The G on June 14, 2009 under G Reviews | Comments are off for this article

Adam Lambert.  Photoshopping by G

Adam Lambert. Photoshopping by G

As most of my readers know, I am not a watcher of “American Idle.”  For months, I kept hearing about Adam Lambert and that he’s being called a “Freddie Mercury for the new generation.” Of course, I immediately take issue with anyone using the Queen’s name in vain, but after reading an article about him in Rolling Stone magazine, I like the guy.  At a Burning Man ceremony, fueled with drugs, he had an epiphany that the only way to accomplish your dreams is to make them happen by acting on them and not just by talking about making them come true.  He also mentions that being gay is just a part of his life and it’s not his entire life, so he doesn’t feel the need to start and end every sentence with it.  Rock on Adam!  I’m sure wherever Freddie is, he’s thinking “there is only one me, but you’re pretty cool too.”

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