Bruno – A Review

Posted by The G on June 11, 2009 under Encounters with G, G Reviews | 2 Comments to Read

Bruno - Out July 10.  Go see it!

Bruno - Out July 10. Go see it!

Me and screenwriter SQ attended a super-exclusive, super-high security screening of “Bruno,” starring the hilarious Sacha Baren Cohen, tonight in Manhattan.  Before entering the hottest-ticket-in-town event, we were told that without checking ALL electronic devices, we could not go into the theater to prevent the film from being bootlegged.  We were then asked to sign a NDA, so I cannot discuss anything about the film!  I am known around town as a movie curmudgeon, and with that being said, I laughed from the second the movie started until the last second of the film!  I highly encourage you to check this film out when it hits theaters in the US on July 10.  Sacha Baron Cohen is funnier and even more crazy than he was in Borat, so if that movie was your thing, this movie will be even moreso your thing!  Attending the screening was Ivanka Trump, who gladly obliged to take a photo with me once my electronic devices were safely returned from the coat check.

Ivanka Trump and G at the Bruno Screening

Ivanka Trump and G at the Bruno Screening

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  • Gail said,

    So…it’s a review that doesn’t tell us anything about the movie? Smashing!

    P.S. Ivanka Trump + G = Hot

  • David said,

    She looks like she’s holding one in!! (Nice cheekbone smile G!)