Grace Jones – Live @ The Hammerstein Ballroom

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All fierceness by Grace Jones.  Photos by G.

 Ladies and Gentlemen… Miss Grace Jones…

As you know, I go to a lot of shows and I can tell you that according2g, this was the best show of the year!  Grace Jones performed a sold out show at Manhattan’s Hammerstein Ballroom and for those including myself that never got to attend a Studio 54 party, tonight was the closest we’ll come to having that experience.  She changed her outfit after every song, into something a little more fierce than the outfit that came before it.  Words can’t even express how cool the show was, so just look at the pictures and marvel in the brilliance.  Oh and if you want to see the set list, read on…

She's got the Williams' blood in her!

She's got the Williams' blood in her!

La Vie En Rose

La Vie En Rose

My Jamaican Guy

My Jamaican Guy

See the setlist (literally) after the jump

Grace Jones setlist, courtesy of Chris.

Grace Jones setlist, courtesy of Chris.

For the blackberry reader or the visually impaired, the setlist was:

This is Life / William’s Blood / I’m Crying / Love is the Drug�/ Well Well Well / Sunset Sunrise / La Vie En Rose / My Jamaican Guy / Corporate Cannibal / Devil In My Life / Demolition Man / Love You To Life / Libertango / Nightclubbing / Hurricane

Encore: Pull Up To The Bumper / Slave To The Rhythm

Wanna see more photos?  Stay tuned then…

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  • April said,

    Best. Show. of. The. Year.
    Just WOW.

  • said,

    She didn’t do “I’m Not Perfect”?

    Damn. She’s still so fierce.

  • Grace Jones @ The Hammerstein Ballroom – Pt. 2 | According to G said,

    […] the setlist and more photos here. Grace Jones – Live at the Hammerstein Ballroom Devil in my Life Nightclubbing Pull up to the […]

  • Cisco Pike said,

    It felt sooooo GOOD to put some Grace in my face!

  • Gail said,

    She so totally dogs Madonna. Glad you kids had fun!

  • Bob said,

    Coool. I need to pop on Some Grace today. Did you meet her?

  • BrutusMaximus said,

    Halston. Cher. Bianca. Madonna.Beyonce. Warhol. Mapplethorpe.

    Next slide please.

    Flirting with surreality and bombast the entire evening, Ms. Jones stopped time and pulled the entire, sold-out, audience of The Hammerstein into her universe. And what a planetary convergence it was. Grown men shreiking like they were giggly little schoolgirls back in 1977. The tightest band I’ve ever heard, Ms. Jones did precious little to “demand” attention, because she “commanded” attention.

    One word. One name. The solo moniker: Grace.

    And in my lifetime, while I waited some 32 odd years to see her, the entire experience, from front row, center, some 8′ from the woman who defines DIVA, it was, a transcendental experience.

    Slave to the rhythm, indeed.

    A slave to Grace.

    Thank you, Ms. Jones, for keep on keeping on…

  • The G said,

    I didn’t meet her, unfortunately… but I was 3rd row, so it was pretty much the next best thing. She is so amazing, I can think of nothing else today other than her!

  • Kitty said,

    I was hoping for high drama and full-on DIVA action, and was NOT disappointed! Worth the wait!!!