New Whitney Houston Album

Posted by The G on July 3, 2009 under GNN | Read the First Comment

The Wait is Over - September 1

The Wait is Over - September 1

She gave you good love.

She saved all her love for you.

She was the greatest love of all.

She danced with you.

She was so emotional.

She danced with you.

She ran to you.

She was your miracle.

Her love was your love.

She was fine.

She believed in you.

She learned from the very best.

She exhaled.

She had nothing.

She’s every woman.

She will always love you.

whitney 2

Do you think it’ll be worth the wait?  You can leave your tributes here.

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  • Bob said,

    I own none of her albums, but I think this one I’ll get. I think i’ll be worth the wait. I think many people are waiting her to return to form.