All Points West Festival

Posted by The G on August 3, 2009 under G Reviews | Comments are off for this article

Before you get to see pictures of Elbow, Echo and The Bunnymen, MGMT and Coldplay, performing live at the All Points West Festival in New Jersey, let me tell you a little bit about the moments leading up to the shows.  In an unseasonably wet summer, it rained like a futhermucker from the early hours of the morning until about 3 pm (1500 hours).  The gods finally smiled upon us and it stopped raining right before Elbow took the stage, but this was just a little part of the trek through Liberty State Park to get to the stages.  Luckily, I was dressed head to toe in rain gear, looking pretty fabulous, if I may say so.  P.S.  The bands were great, so it was all worth it.

Whole lotta mud @ the All Points West Festival

Whole lotta mud @ the All Points West Festival

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