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All photos by G.

Thomas Shelford with his amazing art.

Thomas Shelford with his amazing art.

Tonight I witnessed a scene out of old New York. At artist Gilles Larrain’s studio in Soho, there was an infamous Art Party.  Gilles Larrain took the cover shot of Miles Davis’ albums “Aura” and “Decoy,” and once a month, he opens this legendary studio for an art party.  Throughout the evening, you’ll witness performances, performance art and they even have models posing while local artists are encouraged t0 make renderings (At one point, the artists had 20 minutes to draw and the results were outstanding!) The crowd is elegant and smart, but not pretentious.  You can mingle with New York’s elite without feeling like you are a misfit.  The party happens once a month and you can read more about it here.  Famous artists Thomas Shelford and Louda invite you to look over their shoulder while they create brilliance and are happy to explain their craft.  These parties cannot be missed. One of these days, you’ll be seeing me doing a reading from my book Sketches of Verbal Alchemy at this event!  Watch this space for more details. Enjoy some more pictures after the jump.

Gilles Larrain and a model posing just for you!

Gilles Larrain and a model posing just for you!

Louda (on left) made this amazing painting in 20 minutes!

Louda (on left) made this amazing drawing in 20 minutes!

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  • Elena said,

    Qu buena pinta tienes con la baja Gilles…por sole?
    Ole tu arte y tu aficin al flamenco que siempre est presente en tus movidas.
    Un abrazo grande

  • SeaBird said,

    Did they mention one of the original artists on the team who worked hard and spent time and money ( all cheerfully at a running loss)to create and support this project, showing up each time, creating beautiful, quality artwork and portraits, and then were simply deleted from the list, because Gilles thought Lynn Matsuoka was “too strong a woman”. She is certainly among the best artists…and one of the top sellers there, which contributed to Giles’ income.
    With no discussion or notice, or thanks for the contributions that helped build the Salon, Lynn, and Keith who contributed his time and expert assistance each time just as a friend, were dismissed by simply eliminating them suddenly from the list of core artists.
    So they were used until they were not longer needed. They do not need to be there, but were happy to be members of the ‘family’,working to create an on~going and growing art project. How sad that people with such talent and no strings commitment are thrown aside when they no longer support the master’s ego.
    The portraits that Lynn Matsuoka created at the salon that sold so well there, and other art work by the artist can be seen and purchased on her website:
    Proceeds will go towards creating a new ‘home in the off season’ Hamptons salon at her studio.

  • The G said,

    Dear Seabird.

    I’m very sorry you had a bad experience. My experience, on the other hand, was nothing short of tremendous. I met some very nice people and really had a great time and I plan on attending as often as I can. It seems that others who have posted here do not agree either, but as freedom of speech is one of the last liberties we have left, I will not delete your post. 🙂

  • Nadira Husain said,

    THE MASTERS EGO. A good title for a book or a painting, yes? Perhaps, but for today its a simple line to share my experience with The Master in his lair, ego and all!!!

    Having the privilege of weaving in and out Gilles Larrians life for over twenty years the masters ego comes out in the form of elegance, warmth, and genuine hospitality in an environment that my 14 year old daughter, Tara, dubbed as pure heaven. And she is spot on.

    For Tara and myself, heaven is where art lies, and in this world it lies in the home studio of Gilles and Louda Larrain, a couple whose creative prowess is only eclipsed by their sincere, gracious welcoming of people from all walks of life. Therefore it is my duty to address the grievances of Lynn Matsouka with a simple thought: art is subjective and all of that which becomes a part of it is equally so.

    To launch into a diatribe against the very people in whose home you (and your husband) were hosted, whose home cooked meals you had the privilege of eating (again, I use the term privilege quite literally as Gilles culinary skills also takes on the form of art for the eyes, art for the palate) is nothing short of unjust.

    My mother always said, Let a person speak his/her mind for whatever is said is a reflection on them. Not you. I hope that Lynn spends a moment reflecting on her words, all of which demonstrate an injured party extolling her virtues with the intent of maligning the very people who opened their home to her not just as a peer, but more importantly as a house guest.

    Its unfortunate that Lynns experience did not meet her expectations. Thankfully my history with Gilles and Louda combined with my experience at Art Salon allows me to say that hers is a unique one. Countless others have lauded their time at Art Salon by returning time in and time again.

    I look forward to all who read this to become a part of the landscape of Gilles and Louda Larrain on the last Thursday of every month. Please log onto for details or contact me directly.


    Nadira Husain

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