Exploiting Chaos

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Exploiting Chaos by Jeremy Gutsche.  Out September 1, 2009.

Exploiting Chaos by Jeremy Gutsche. Out September 1, 2009.

When a review copy of Exploiting Chaos by Jeremy Gutsche arrived in my mailbox the other day, I nearly tossed it in the pile with other pending books for me to read, but luckily for this book, the press release fell out and it turns out that the author is really cute!

Exploiting Chaos is essentially 150 ways to spark innovation during times of change.  It’s got some good ideas such as: Tear Apart Structure, Become Leaderless, Act Crazy (especially if you are a senior leader), Hire Freaks, Throw Away Your Best Ideas and Laugh.  Unfortunately, Organize a mass walkout until your douchebag boss gives the entire department a raise wasn’t one of the suggestions, but we can always hope for a sequel.

So many business books are stuffy and this one is a nice and easy read that makes sense.  If you are the boss of your own company, this might be a good book to read when it comes out on September 1, 2009.  Tell ’em G sent ya!

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