G Meets Liev Schreiber

Posted by The G on August 1, 2009 under Encounters with G | 2 Comments to Read

Liev Schrieber and G photographed at an exclusive screening of "Taking Woodstock"

Liev Schreiber and G photographed at an exclusive screening of "Taking Woodstock"

Tonight on the Upper West Side in Manhattan, I attended an exclusive screening of Ang Lee’s soon to be hit film “Taking Woodstock.”  The film comes out on August 28 , 2009 (just in time for the 40th anniversary of Woodstock).

The film is excellent.  It’s based upon the real life of Elliot Tiber, portrayed by Demetri Martin, whose parents owned a motel in upstate New York.  Upon obtaining the proper permit, he was able to work with the organizers of Woodstock to help put on the greatest music festival that ever was.

Liev Schrieber, fresh from being in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, plays Vilma, a transvestite, in “Taking Woodstock.”  His performance in this film is great, so I urge you to see this movie when it comes out.

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  • postmadonna.com said,

    OMG. How big is he?

    He has such an electric screen presence, and the hairy chest…yum!

  • The G said,

    He’s HUGE!

    His character in Taking Woodstock is so awesome! He plays a transvestite security guard and he kicks ass!