New World Order

Posted by The G on August 20, 2009 under Street Art | 2 Comments to Read

Obama stars in "New World Order."  Photo by G.

Obama stars in "New World Order." Photo by G.

Maybe you’ve already seen this street art in your city.  This is when that cliche “a picture’s worth a thousand words” comes into play.

What are your thoughts on this pretty bold statement?

If you have nothing to say, let me give you a piece of advice that the sagely Jim Morrison once said: WAKE UP!

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  • Bob said,

    Personally, I find it confusing. I also don’t get all of the HEAT Obama is getting. It has yet to even be a year.

  • Gail said,

    This is fucking retarded. Like the Republicans could do any better digging us out of this shitstorm of an economy that Bush and Cheney left us with.