The Secret History of the American Empire

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The sequel to John Perkins’ Confessions of an Economic Hitman is called The Secret History of the American Empire,  and it leaves off where the first book ended.  When I read Confessions, I was on the edge of my seat, as if I was reading a James Bond novel, but the sad fact is, this is a true story.

Economic hitmen, such as John Perkins used to be, work for a super-secret department of the US Government and go to other countries and find ways to make other countries indebited to the US.  After the events of 9/11 and extreme guilt, Perkins wrote Confessions to let the world in on shady activities that you’ll never hear about in mainstream media.  That book was so successful, he wrote the follow up to the story that will really make your stomach turn when you see what lengths people will go to for power and money.

A couple of fun facts from the book:

-According to the definition of the word “Empire,” America is one.

-The company Nike, which operates sweatshops in places like Indonesia, could double the wages of their workers (from $2/day to $4/day) and it would still be less than 7% of their yearly advertising budget.

The Secret History of the American Empire has pages and pages of resources for alternate media, places you can donate your time and what you can do to help.  The time is now to act on these attrocities to stop them from getting worse, so put down your gossip rag and do something to help the world.

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  • Davige said,

    On my carousel of ‘books on the go. .’ confessions of an EHM has stuck to the fore of my late night reading list! Can’t wait to get hold of his other 2 books, cheers G x