Levi Johnston’s Playgirl Photoshoot

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I’m happy to provide my readers with some information on Levi Johnston’s (Sarah Palin’s baby’s baby-daddy) upcoming photoshoot, given to me straight from the source.

Playgirl Magazine and Playgirl.com announce Levi Johnston shoot for November in NYC.

In response to intense questioning on Playgirl.com, Playgirl spokesperson Daniel Nardicio prepared this following release to answer some of the questions around the November shoot with Mr Johnston.
First, when is the shoot? We’re aiming for the first weekend in November in order to meet our magazine deadlines says Mr Nardicio. Playgirl plans on printing a special end-of-year issue of the once-heavily read magazine. Barring that,  we’ll then shoot for November 13-15th in order to get the pictures out for the holidays, says Nardicio.
As to the question of whether there will be full frontal, Mr Nardicio states: we’re working out the actual details day-by-day, and have come to a very happy conclusion which we feel readers will be enthralled with.  His manager Tank Jones is quoted as saying Levi is 90% percent there will be nudity- full frontal.
Why Levi Johnston? Playgirl is a classic brand, and Levi exemplifies the classic, rugged All- American aesthetic, and he’s been working out 6 days a week in order to best show off his athletic frame, says Nardicio. We are aware there are huge political implications of this shoot for the Republican party, but we are not focused on that aspect.

Readers have been asking about future celebs that Playgirl may be asking to pose for the once taboo magazine, and Nardicio has this to say: This exposure for Mr Johnston has been so great that we have received interest from a few better known performers and one well known rock star to pose for Playgirl. We are currently focused on the Johnston shoot, but looking to move into more male celebrity shoots. ”  He says, This whole frenzy has changed the game for male nudity. Suddenly it’s becoming trendy to strip down for Playgirl.
As for subscription rates for Playgirl.com, there is no plans to raise the charges for the next two weeks, but thereafter there may be an increase to offset the Johnston costs. We are discussing a slight increase to offset the cost of the Johnston shoot, and to buy more bandwidth for the site to accommodate new customers- we’ve already experienced a huge spike in traffic since early October”

The last question that seems to be on everyone’s mind is what will Levi be wearing under his Levis- in other words, what underwear brand will Johnston be sporting? We’re in negotiations with a couple of hot underwear brands to get them on Levi for this iconic shoot- in the end it depends on which ones look best, and we’ll decide that on location- brands that are interested can contact me directly Says Nardicio.
There will be two events during the Johnston weekend in NYC, one for press and one for the public.

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