Lady Gaga Live at Carnegie Hall

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Lady Gaga live at Carnegie Hall

Lady Gaga live at Carnegie Hall

Here’s a sentence I thought I’d never say:  I saw Lady Gaga perform a piano version of “Pokerface” at Carnegie Hall.

Hot off canceling her world tour with Kayne West and announcing a solo tour instead and then performing on Saturday Night Live with Madonna, Lady Gaga turned up at Carnegie Hall for Gavin Friday’s AIDS benefit to perform “Pokerface.”  She joked that Bono had called her up and asked if she would perform in “Downtown New York for an AIDS benefit.”  She agreed, but said “this is not downtown, but when you are used to performing for 90,000 people every night, he might have been confused.” (Carnegie Hall is located in New York’s Mid-Town area).

Don’t let her stage costumes fool you.  This woman can sing!

See some more pictures that will make you go Gaga after the jump.

Not just Radio GaGa

Not just Radio GaGa

"Put your hand on your heart if According2g is your favorite website."

"Put your hand on your heart if According2g is your favorite website."

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  • April said,

    That outfit is insane! Imagine performing at Carnegie Hall in YOUR UNDERWEAR! Crazy …..

  • Gail said,

    She was in such a hurry to get downtown she forgot to put on her dress! 🙂

  • Chris Graves said,

    Go Ga Ga!! LOVE HER!!!! She has piano/cabaret versions of all her songs – they are terrific! You can find them on the “Cherry Tree Sessions” available at the Zune Marketplace!

  • The G said,

    Confession. I have somehow completely avoided ever hearing her music (except 1 song once and last night)! Isn’t that insane. It’s like I’ve been on the fringe all this time 🙂