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Posted by The G on November 29, 2009 under GNN | 2 Comments to Read

Adam Lambert - For Your Entertainment:  Out now!

Adam Lambert - For Your Entertainment: Out now!

Now that Adam Lambert’s cd has been out for a few days, what’s the verdict?  Do you love it?  Do you hate it?  He’s certainly caused controversy in the last week.  Not because he does anything risque’, but because the world is full of crashing bores.  Come on people! In 2010, kissing a guy on TV makes headlines? If you want to make it interesting, let’s see some priests getting it on with each other.  Perhaps a reality TV show called “How Many Beers?” where they test how many beers it takes for a straight guy to not care if a gay guy blows him.  I’ll bet the magic number is 7.

I got off topic.  Tell me what you think of Adam Lambert’s cd.  I haven’t had the pleasure to hear it yet.  I’m trying to make this site as interactive as possible.  If you don’t reply to this thread, you only have yourselves to blame.


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  • Gail said,

    We already know that I love it and you hate it. Hater.

  • The G said,

    I am trying really hard to like it. I definitely enjoy the beats on some of the tracks, but when he hits high notes, it sounds like he’s gonna vomit. No me gusta!