Posted by The G on November 17, 2009 under Street Art | 2 Comments to Read

I-Blanket.  Photo by G.

I-Blanket. Photo by G.

How awesome is this?  The IBlanket.  Stay warm with your computer.  This street art has been popping in places as far and wide as Tel Aviv, Israel to New York City.

Is this the Mac Daddy of street art or what?  Tell us your thoughts.

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  • Gail said,

    OK. This is so silly because, first of all, there are no electrical outlets on the street! Also, if you had leftover iMacs you would not make them into a blanket, because they are not even soft or cozy, gee whiz. Silly for sure.

  • g whiz said,

    […] crossed out… on Big Fun In The Big Town, German Dutch Produced Hip-Hop Documentary From 1986 …I-Blanket | According to GHow awesome is this? The IBlanket. Stay warm with your computer. This street art has been popping in […]