Fall To Pieces

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Fall To Pieces by Mary Forsberg Weiland.  Out Now!!!

Fall To Pieces by Mary Forsberg Weiland. Out Now!!!

I have no idea why I am fascinated by stories of sex, drugs and rock and roll, but I am.  A book such as Fall To Pieces by Mary Forsberg Weiland fuels my fascination with these topics.  Mary Forsberg grew up in Southern California (something I can relate to) and after a brief stint in juvenille hall, wound up as a model (something I cannot relate to).  As her career in modeling was beginning, at age 16, a budding rocker was hired to drive her to photo shoots.  That rocker was Scott Weiland from Stone Temple Pilots (and later Velvet Revolver).  Mary fell in love with him immediately and the next decade was spent with him, without him, longing for him, longing to be rid of him, doing drugs with him, doing drugs without him – well you see where this is going.  Though at times, Mary sounds like a spoiled brat that you want to slap the shit of, the book was nearly impossible to put down.  Her descriptions of the agony of being without the drugs and the man she wanted and needed so bad is pretty gripping.� In some ways, their story could be described as Romeo and Juliet meet Heroin and Pills. I have never really been a fan of Stone Temple Pilots or Velvet Revolver, but I never felt that she droned on and on about things that would make the casual reader, such as myself, not enjoy.  When I say “enjoy,” I am not suggesting that I got off on watching her life fall to pieces.  I am merely suggesting that this book will appeal to those that have a penchant for anecdotes of fun times, excesses, recoveries and relapses.

Fall to Pieces is out now.  Thanks to Gail for recommending this excellent book.

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