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Photos by G.

Pink Floyd and Lady Gaga: The Wall.

A really good friend of mine, who asked to remain anonymous, also attended Lady Gaga’s show last night.  As we were sitting in different sections and could not find each other after the show in amongst the people dressed as Avatars and Gagas, I received his comments in email format and while I enjoyed myself at the show, I have to say, his reflections were pretty spot on and hilarious so I’d like to share them with you.  After the jump, of course.

[the] Stage show was UBERpop on steroids which was visually quite cool.

I suppose part of her appeal is being a blank slate upon which her fans
can project their own fantasies.  The yellow wig.  The makeup.  The
perfect tight Barbie-like body.  I didn’t get much of a sense of her
personality.  Sure, she talked about her early days in NYC and what a
dream it was to play NYC.  But then she would eradicate any good will by
staying stuff like “Who likes to hear the truth? I certainly don’t.
Just give me bullshit.”  With sentiments like that, she’s the type of
pop icon that Fox News can truly get behind.

I also got a strong “cult” vibe from the show. (I can already hear you
snickering)  Here’s a few examples:

1.”When my fans see each other, I want them to recognize each other by
my ‘monster stance’ (which looked worringly like a “Sig Heil”)
2.”I love my monsters.  It’s the people who are outside the doors
that are the freaks.”
3.”You can be anything you want to be. When people try to talk you
down tell them that ‘Lady Gaga believes in me.'”
4.”I created ‘The Monster Ball’ for you. My website is our
6.”My fans are everything to me. You are the reason I am here.”

Reverend Sun Myung Gaga?  Gaga Manson?  Reverend Jim “Gaga” Jones?
Don’t drink the Kool-Aid!

I was also sickened by the rampant nacissism.  For the 30 minutes leading up to the show, everyone surrounding me was taking pictures of only themselves, preening and fawning for just their own camera.  I fear for the future.

"Hey Fame Monsters, my site is cool, but is cooler."

Thanks to the anonymous tipster for sharing!

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    I don’t like her.

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