Debbie Harry!

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Photos by G.

Debbie Harry!!!

To celebrate the book launch of Penny Arcade’s Bad Reputation, the legendary Debbie Harry came out to New York’s Le Poisson Rouge to read a passage from the book. I had a close encounter with her and she was “not feeling” taking a photo with me (hard to imagine, I know), so you’ll have to settle for the above pic and the ones after the jump. It really makes me sad that I was not able to tell her the story of when I was in high-school and my best friend and I had heard “Heart of Glass” on the radio on our way to a thrift store and when we arrived at the store, she found the 45 in the used bin. She was so excited to have spoken it into existence, the 45 fell out of her hand and literally rolled across the store. By the time we retrieved it, the record had cracked and a big chunk of the record was suddenly missing. Somewhere out there, the first verse of “Heart of Glass” is out there in some Good Will store. If you find it, it belongs to my friend.

"I said - no photos - G"

Heart of Glass?

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