Lady Gaga live at Radio City Music Hall

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All photos by G.

Lady Gaga!!!

When entertainment guru Peter Davis called Lady Gaga the “second coming of Madonna,” I knew she had some pretty big shoes to fill.  After seeing the 4th and final sold out show at Radio City Music Hall in New York, Peter was right on the money.  The Monster Ball reminded me of the video to Madonna’s “Dress You Up,” as so many ‘monsters’ were dressed in their favorite Gaga outfit.  It was pretty incredible.  The excitement for this show was what I imagine Michael Jackson’s Thriller tour would have been like if he toured for that record.  Gaga sang and danced and had an amazing set designed by my beloved Pet Shop Boys’ set designer Es Devlin.  Lady Gaga is arguably the biggest singer in the world right now, but she is so humbled by success, it was very impressive.  She donated ALL of the ticket sales and merchandise sales tonight to benefit the people of Haiti, which is extremely generous.  I lost count after about 15 times where she thanked all of her fans for their support.  Pretty cool, according2g.  I take back every negative thing I’ve ever said about Ms. Gaga (aside from her mediocre song lyrics).  She’s made me a fan!   🙂

See some more pix and the setlist after the jump.

Ga Ga ooh la la!

The setlist is courtesy of The Music Slut:

Dance In The Dark. Just Dance. Love Game. Alejandro. Monster. Teeth. Speechless. Poker Face [Piano Version]. The Fame. Money Honey. Beautiful Dirty Rich. Boys Boys Boys. Poker Face. Paparazzi.

(Encore) Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say). Bad Romance.

Show me your teeth!

I love her like a ball and chain.

There's nothing else I can say.... Eh Eh.

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  • SisterFromAnotherMister said,

    I’m impressed (and a little surprised) that your opinions about Gaga-dom have changed (for the most part.)
    Welcome to Lady Gaga’s newest “Monster”!!!

    Awesome pics and set list. I wish I could have gotten to see her when she was in LA.

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  • Royal Opera House said,

    Hi G,

    Just wanted to add that we’re big fans of Es Devlin too! She’s designed the set for our upcoming opera Salome, if you want to have a look check out our trailer here:

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