New Year’s Eve in Times Square

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All photos by G.

Times Square about an hour before the ball dropped.

I am so blessed to go to so many great events and last night, I opened a new decade at the best party on the planet.  I was in the Good Morning America studio in Times Square in New York to usher in 2010.  Instead of having to deal with the cold, the rain and the crowds, we got to stay inside the studio where it was warm and we had a little section outside (less than half a block from where the ball drops) that was reserved just for our group.  Free food, free cocktails and party favors were flowing.  It was truly one of the coolest experiences I’ve had in recent memory.  We also got to watch Jennifer Lopez rehearsing for her performance on Dick Clark’s Rockin’ Eve special.  Enjoy some pix after the jump, and have a very happy New Year!  This is going to be the best decade ever!  What are your new year’s resolutions?  Let me know.  Free speech is one of the only liberties we have left, so let your voices be heard!

The crowd in Times Square

Jennifer Lopez rehearsing in the rain.

The Aftermath in Times Square.

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