Philip Glass brings friends Iggy Pop and Patti Smith to Carnegie Hall!

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Patti Smith and Iggy Pop live at Carnegie Hall - February 26, 2010

For the 20th anniversary celebration of Tibet House concerts, composer Philip Glass pulled out all the stops.  The event was called “Philip Glass and Friends” and it took place at New York’s legendary Carnegie Hall on February 26, 2010.  As if seeing one of the most influential composers of the modern age wasn’t enough, his friends that came along to entertain us were Russian anti-folk hero Regina Spektor, the NY gypsy-punk band Gogol Bordello, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Patti Smith and soon to be inducted Hall of Famer Iggy Pop!  Holy Cow!  Patti Smith covered the O’Jays’ classic “Love Train,” before finishing with a show-stopping “Gloria.” When I heard the opening notes of that song, I had instant recall of why I decided to trek out in a blizzard to see this show!  She brought the house down and further secured her place as a goddess in the world of G.  Who can follow an act like that? Iggy Pop!  Iggy played “The Passenger” and “I Wanna Be Your Dog.”  Wow!  What an evening.

Iggy Pop - wanting to be your dog.

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Philip Glass

Regina Spektor

Gogol Bordello!

Patti Smith - Jesus died for someone's sins... but not hers!

Patti Smith and Robert (Uma's dad and Tibetan Book of the Dead Translator) Thurman

Iggy Pop - The passenger!

Patti Smith joining the love train.

Iggy Pop - Best body in rock and roll?

Iggy Pop and Patti Smith.

Here’s the setlist, courtesy of our friends at Brooklyn Vegan:

Baja + the Dry Eye Crew – Makossa
Baja + the Dry Eye Crew – Dark Temple
Baja + the Dry Eye Crew – Love Somebody
Philip Glass – Etude #10
Philip Glass – The Chase
Pierce Turner – Yogi with a Broken Heart
Pierce Turner – Wicklowhills
Those Strings – Quantum for Quartet
Tenzin Kunsel – Zapa Lhamo Phuti
Tenzin Kunsel – Phayul Drenlu
Regina Spektor – Apres Moi
Regina Spektor – The Sword and the Pen
Regina Spektor – Laughing With
Gogol Bordello – Universes Collide
Gogol Bordello – Sun is on My Side
Gogol Bordello – Pala Tute
Jessie Smith & Michael Campbell
Patti Smith – Love Train
Patti Smith – People Who Died, Gloria
Iggy Pop – The Passenger
Iggy Pop – The Mass Productions
Iggy Pop – I Want to be Your Dog
Singalong – People Have the Power

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