AM live at Terminal 5

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AM live at Terminal 5.

On March 19, 2010, Tulsa-based and New Orleans-raised indie band AM opened for French electro legends Air at Terminal 5 in New York City.  Their influences range from Sergio Mendes and Brian Wilson to Curtis Mayfield and John Lennon.  You might have heard AM’s songs on TV shows such as you’ve heard AM’s tunes on HBO’s “Big Love”, NBC’s “Friday Night Lights”, MTV’s “The Hills”, ABC’s “Brothers and Sisters.”  Their new album, “Future Sons and Daughters” is out now and the cover is a nice tribute to Herb Alpert’s legendary “Whipped Cream and Other Delights” album cover. After getting maximum exposure opening up for Air, we can expect this band to become huge any minute now.

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Flying Lotus at Le Poisson Rouge

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Steven Ellison aka Flying Lotus

Taking the stage at the very ripe hour of 1:30 am, Steven Ellison, better known as Flying Lotus played a DJ set at New York’s Le Poisson Rouge on March 31, 2010.  The hip-hop and electronica DJ has a new record called ‘Cosmogramma’ due next month and the record is so hot, he even enlisted Thom Yorke of Radiohead to do some guest vocals.  Sadly, Mr. Yorke was not present to make a surprise appearance on stage tonight, but I’ll be seeing him next week and I am super excited for that!  The sold-out crowd had been warmed up by two previous DJ sets, so by the time Flying Lotus came on, the crowd was a little sweaty.  One of the funniest observations I noticed was that people in the front row near me were taking pictures like they were going out of style.  Sure, Flying Lotus had some pretty cool projections on the screens behind him, but based on the photo taking, you’d think we were witnessing a Pink Floyd reunion.  At any rate, I had fun and I am looking forward to ‘Cosmogramma.’

Lotus Flow3r?

Flying Lotus. Save your $77. There's no club to join.

Lady Gaga has a Message for the Haters

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As I was digging through the G Archives to work on my upcoming coffee table book of photos (more details on that coming soon), I uncovered a video clip I took of Lady Gaga on stage at Radio City Music Hall giving a special message to all the people that don’t like her. You’ll need to give the clip a second or two to auto-focus, so please be patient.  Enjoy, little monsters!  xxx

Tony Castles live at Good Units

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Tony Castles - Live at Good Units.

On March 27, 2010, Erykah Badu played a secret show at Good Units in the basement of the Hudson Hotel in New York City.  Before taking the stage at the very late hour of 1 am, the sold-out crowd witnessed up and coming Brooklyn-based band the Tony Castles.  Their music draws on the influences of Talking Heads, Suicide, Roxy Music and Nirvana.  According2g, that’s a good thing.  You can download a free mp3 of their epic 6 minute track “Pirates” here.  Prior to hitting the stage, the band was tuning their instruments and as I was in the front row, they all walked past me and greeted their favorite blogger.  Thanks for rockin’ guys!  I look forward to hearing really great things about you.

Discover this band: Tony Castles.

MNDR live at Good Units

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Amanda Warner is MNDR.

On March 27, 2010, Amanda Warner, better known by her band name MNDR (pronounced Em-En-Dee-Are), opened for Erykah Badu’s secret show at Good Units in the basement of the Hudson Hotel in New York.  MNDR had a really cool light show on the background screens while she played her ‘flashback to the fun 80s’ dancey pop tunes.  She’s often been compared to electronica goddess Annie with bits of Lady Gaga thrown in.  During her set, I was standing in the front row and she came over and danced with me and ran her fingers through my hair.  I hope it was as good for her as it was for me.  You can see (or hear) the music for yourself at the above links.  Alternately, if you go the music site Sheena Beaston, which is possibly the best website name ever, you can download a free mp3 of MNDR’s “Jump In.”  Enjoy!

MNDR: Jumpin' In

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