DJ Friar Tuck – The Monk With The Funk

Posted by The G on March 17, 2010 under GNN | 3 Comments to Read

Photo by G.

DJ Friar Tuck - The Monk with the Funk!

The other night I met one of New York’s hottest DJs, Friar Tuck  (and I agree in more ways than one). He’s the monk with the funk!  He  is one of the most famous DJs in the city and he’s also a total cutie pie! Friar Tuck embodies two things I love: talent and cuteness.  Check out his website for all of his latest gigs, because if he’s not spinning at the party you are at, you can rest assured you are not at the hottest club of the night.  His website often features mp3s of mixes he’s made so keep checking his site for all the latest news and performance dates from the funkiest monk in New York City.

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  • Diana said,

    Right on G! Friar Tuck spins at the hottest warehouse parties in Brooklyn. He’s my favorite DJ, the sexiest, and such a sweetie! He makes his own sexy costume, such as ass-less chaps Wolfman. Yum… Check him out this Saturday at Glamtech in Williamsburg!!/event.php?eid=270753417149&ref=ss

  • personofinterest said,

    G, your link to Friar Tuck’s website doesn’t take us there because of your, shall we say, Freudian slip in the URL??? (GRIN)

  • The G said,

    Thanks personofinterest. The link is fixed. Wow! That was the biggest Freudian slip ever!!!