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Photo Courtesy of Fuzzpod.

The Garden of Fuzzy Delights by Fuzzpod. Out NOW!!!

Hey music lovers!  Looking for something new?  You’ve come to the right review. Fuzzpod, the San Francisco based band has released a new album!  It’s called “The Garden of Fuzzy Delights.”  The album has the perfect blend of smooth, late-night chill-out beats and creamy ethereal vocals. It mixes the best elements of bands like Morcheeba, Deee-Light, Portishead and Sade, while still having its own identity. Highlights of the album are the funky up-beat “Wild Hearts, the spacey “Drifting Into Nothing” and the trippy title track “The Garden of Fuzzy Delights.” Though the 3 songs I mentioned were definitely hightlights, the entire album has a great flow and will definitely take your mind on a journey as you listen to it in its entirety. If you are bored with all the mediocre music that has permeated the airwaves these days, “The Garden of Fuzzzy Delights” will definitely be a breath of fresh air.

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