Marina and The Diamonds

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Marina and the Diamonds

On March 14, 2o1o, Marina and the Diamonds played their first ever show in the United States at Brooklyn’s Bell House.  The Welsh singer Marina Diamandis (which means “Diamonds” in Greek), has already scored a number 1 hit in the UK with her song “Hollywood” and she’s about to be the next biggest thing in the United States. Her music can be described as bits of Gwen Stefani and Kate Bush mixed with glam pop and piano ballads. She’s released 3 EPs and 1 full-length album in the UK, but her debut “The Family Jewels” isn’t scheduled for a stateside release until May of 2010.  This didn’t stop the sold out crowd from singing along to her songs such as “I am a Not a Robot,” “Mogwli’s Road,” and the UK smash “Hollywood.”  She told the crowd how excited she was to be performing for us and everyone showered her with an equal amount of love.  If her performance tonight was any indication of her future success, this diamond in the rough is poised for a huge career.  See some more pictures as well as the set list after the jump. Stay tuned to see a picture of my encounter with Marina (she was totally cool!)

Yellow is a happenin' colour.

Marina Diamandis

A diamond in the rough?

Marina and the Diamonds rocks my world in an agreeably non-aggressive sort of way.

The setlist for Marina and the Diamonds at The Bell House in Brooklyn, NY on March 14, 2010

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