A “Kick Ass” Time?

Posted by The G on April 16, 2010 under G Reviews | 2 Comments to Read

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Kick Ass?

Since I had managed to avoid most previews and reviews of the movie “Kick Ass,” I decided to see the film.  The thing that turned me on most about “Kick Ass” from what little I’ve been exposed to, was the that word “ass” is being used in posters across this suddenly very conservative country. Sad, but true.  Since I am not a movie critic and don’t really care to become one (and you have my permission to visit other sites for the blow-by-blow movie review), I can share this much about “Kick Ass” – the concept is very fresh as it deals with kids without any special powers becoming super-heroes.  While I didn’t feel like I was watching the second coming of Shakespeare, I enjoyed what I saw.  The dialogue is punchy, the characters are cast nicely and there are lots of surprises throughout the film.  However, the film is extremely violent and I can totally envision that a lot of kids are going to see this movie and want to imitate the images they are seeing on the silver screen.  You have to believe me when I say that it truly warms my heart to see an 11 year old kid calling people “cu-ts,” stabbing bad guys to death and using machine guns, but I am mature enough to handle the implications of those things.  Judging from the crowd that was sitting near me on opening night, they are the exact opposite.  That realization scared the crap out of me while I was sitting through this movie.  Without jumping on a soap box about how our society is screwing itself worse than it realizes, I can only say this – be responsible!  If that isn’t a Kick-Ass pearl, speak to me… I am listening.

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  • Gail said,

    Wow, what a weird review.

  • Suzie Morris said,

    Poyfect. Truly poyfect. Poyls. Pure poyls.
    Nuff said.