Adam Green live at the Bowery Ballroom

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Adam Green

On April 24, 2010, sometimes singer of Moldy Peaches and fabulous artist, Adam Green performed at the Bowery Ballroom in New York and set the place on fire!  Backed by the band The Dead Trees (who were also one of two opening acts – and more on them coming soon), Adam Green had so much charisma on stage, it was definitely a night to remember.  The banner behind the stage said “Justin Bieber Live,” which was also pretty cool.  He covered every square foot of the stage, dancing around, playing guitar, ripping off his shirt with the aid of an audience member and he jumped into the crowd multiple times. He had a fair amount to drink, but was able to pull off the show like a pro.  I’ve had a lot of wacky concert experiences, but what I am about to tell you probably takes the cake. Picture it:  I was standing in the front row (not a shock, I know) entranced, watching Adam’s great stage presence (which was a cross between Jim Morrison and Freddie Mercury!)  Though Adam Green is heterosexual (from what I’ve read on the net), during the 3rd or 4th song, he leaned in towards me and kissed me!  The moment happened really quickly, but I definitely saw people flashing pictures during that moment, so if you’ve got one of those pictures, please hit me up!  Apparently, Adam is getting divorced, so if you are out there Adam – I’m single, but I won’t be for long, so here’s your chance.  🙂 Finally, great news about his art show:  due to popular demand, the Morrison Hotel Gallery has extended the run for another week, so I highly recommend that you see it.  I met Adam backstage after the show and I’ll be posting that story very soon, so stay tuned.

Adam Green. Sex. Sex. Sex.

More pictures of Adam Green and the set list after the jump.

Adam Green crowd surfing!

Adam Green has help pulling his shirt off. Nipple alert!

Adam Green. Filthy and gorgeous!

The Set List for Adam Green live at the Bowery Ballroom on April 24, 2010. Now property of the G Archives.

For those on a Blackberry, the set list was:

Cigarette Burns / Gem Stones / Nat King Cole / Give them a Token / Friends of Mine / What Makes Him Act / Drugs / Over the Sun Rise / Buddy Bradley / Goblin / Princess Bad / Emily / Stadium Sole / Dance With Me / Morning After Midnight / Jessica.

Encore:  Breaking Locks / Black’n My Stay / Salty Candy / Getting Led.

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