Free Shepard Fairey!

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Forgive this next bit for me getting up on a soap box, but since this is According2g, I have to say what’s on my mind.

On April 25, 2010, artist Shepard Fairey gave a talk at the Brooklyn Museum to discuss his latest solo art show “May Day” at Deitch Projects in New York from May 1 – May 30, 2010.  Right now, the artist is under fire for his “Obama Hope” poster which by now is a world-wide icon.  His future is going to be dramatically changed when a decision comes down about whether or not he will be in deep water for using a copywritten image without authorization.  The person whose image is used (President Obama) is not going after Shepard Fairey, but instead an agency (The Associated Press) who “owns” the photo is upset.  If this isn’t a conspiracy to try and scare us into bowing down to the man, then tell me what is!  There are so many bad things happening on this planet and what is making the worldwide news - an artist under fire for making art!?  It makes no sense to me whatsoever.  Whether you agree or disagree with me is totally your opinion.  I am a lover of art and a big fan of Shepard Fairey so naturally, you’d think I’d feel this way and you are right.  However, after hearing him speak today, I feel stronger than ever that he is under the gun for no reason whatsoever.  Today, he spoke about his roots in the art scene and some of the things that make him tick and he is truly a huge lover of art and freedom, not a propigator of hate and oppression.  Whether he is found guilty or innocent of this alleged crime is besides the point by now.  The image is a worldwide icon that has been imitated countless times and is almost as famous as the person it immortalizes.  It’s not going away. It will only get stronger, especially if an unfavorable verdict towards the artist is reached.  The good news is, it promotes “Hope.”  The nasty images you see on the news promote many worse things, so tell me this, why aren’t the censorship police going after these organizations for spreading the message of “hate?”  Using an image, and then turning it into an art project seems much less offensive to me than covering a well known song on a program like American I-Dull, yet nobody is shutting down that show.  Makes you wonder, doesn’t it.  Obey?

The video you are about to see is the artist talking about his latest art show and some of the things he feels are the injustices of the world.  He is both smart and eloquent, not a person who was setting out to do a “bad” thing.  On a personal note, I met Shepard Fairey last week while he was finishing up one of his works and he was extremely nice.  Today, he autographed a magazine cover that had with the Obama Hope image on it for me, and he didn’t refuse or wince at all.  Why?  Because he is proud of his work and according2g, he should be.  That’s what makes a true artist.

Now that I am down from my soap box, enjoy this video!

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