Rorschach Test

Posted by The G on April 21, 2010 under Street Art | 3 Comments to Read

Photos by G.

Please take a look at the below photo and tell me what you see.  I found this on a brick wall in Manhattan.

Tell me what you see?

After the jump, I’ll show you what I saw….

Perhaps I am just excited for the release of the new Scissor Sisters album, so those thoughts have been on my brain.  At any rate, this is what my mind jumped to when I saw the above image:

Scissor Sisters band logo.

Should I seek clinical treatment?  This is a rhetorical question  🙂

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  • Gail said,

    it’s a uterus

  • Belinda said,

    It’s Pink on a trapeze playing maracas. 🙂


  • Enkil said,

    I see two things: a cheerleader (with open legs, and with the arms and the head seeing to the sky) and the first thing that I see when I open the page… … … the rest of semen of a pervert that masturbate in the wall :S.

    Well… errmmm I think that I really need urgently a psychiatrist :S.