Christina Aguilera – Bionic: Track by Track in 3 Words

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Christina Aguilera - Bionic. Out June 8, 2010

Christina Aguilera’s latest record “Bionic” is released on June 8, 2010.  I’ve been sitting on a copy of the album for a few days now because I have typically not been a big fan of Christina, though I think she has a great voice, and I thought it was already released so I didn’t sense the urgency to check it out.  Oops!  You’ll be able to make up your own mind soon enough and until then, enjoy my 3 word review of each track.

After the jump, of course.

1. Bionic – Janelle Monae copycat.

2. Not Myself Tonight – Sexyback 2010, anyone?

3. Woohoo – Hollaback Girl revisited.

4. Elastic Love – First good song.

5. Desnudate – Spanish sounding slutty.

6. Love and Glamour (Intro) – Uninteresting short segue.

7. Glam – Upbeat at least.

8. Prima Donna – You said it!

9. Morning Dessert (Intro) – 1:32 of sexiness

10. Sex For Breakfast – Cool title, Christina.

11. Life Me Up – Slow and boring

12. My Heart (Intro) – Segues aren’t songs.

13. All I Need – Beautiful power ballad.

14. I Am – Sounds like Gaga.

15. You Lost Me – True dat, Christina.

16. I Hate Boys – G likes boys.

17. My Girls – Gwen vs. Gaga?

18. Vanity – See Track 2.

Overall 3 word review: Fan status – Doubtful.

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  • Gail said,

    She looks like Marilyn Manson!