G Meets Writer Michael Musto

Posted by The G on May 27, 2010 under Encounters with G | 2 Comments to Read

Photo taken with my hand.

Michael Musto and G.

I have been told countless times – “G, you go to EVERYTHING,” and of course, I certainly try.  However, it’s not true.  The king of being at every cool event title belongs to the one and only Michael Musto.  If there’s something fabulous in New York and Michael Musto is not in attendance, you’ll have to rethink the coolness factor of the event.  As a celebrity gossip columnist for the Village Voice, Michael Musto has seen and done it all and has picked up every possible writing award along the way.  His still popular column “La Dolce Musto” appears weekly in the Village Voice and Musto has coined the term “celebutard,” which makes him even more genius, according2g.  I’ve coined the term “reblog,” for bloggers that only uses images stolen from other websites and then try to pass that information off as their own.  Maybe it’ll catch on?  Take a lesson from Michael Musto and have these experiences for yourself before you write about them.  I bow down to his greatness and I thank him for not only sharing his gift with the world, but also for being an inspiration to me and finally for being super cool when I met him.

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  • Gail said,

    Awesome pic! Love Musto!

  • Pinksnow said,