Go Vegan! by Jonathan Horowitz

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Photos by G.  Art by Jonathan Horowitz.

Go Vegan by Jonathan Horowitz at Gavin Brown's Enterprise. Now showing through June 19, 2010.

American artist Jonathan Horowitz’  hugely successful 2002 exhibit “Go Vegan!” has been amazingly re-staged at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise in the West Village of New York.  Using the 10,000 square foot former meat packing plant Pat LaFrieda Meats, this exhibit might not give you the impetus to make the switch to veganism, but it’ll certainly give you some meaty food for thought.  The multi-media and multi-room exhibit has video installations from famous vegetarians Paul and Linda McCartney, photos of noted celebrity vegetarians including the late Andy Kaufman, Ralph Waldo Emerson, singers Leonard Cohen and Prince (the Prince photo is from Graffiti Bridge, for all my Prince die-hards reading this), a gallery of animal portraits, a video of an animal being slaughtered and a sculpture of a cube of tofu immersed in water.  The space is also complete with the authentic smell and temperature of a meat-packing facility. This commentary on consumerism is not to be missed.  Gavin Brown’s Enterprise is located at 601 Washington Street in New York and runs through June 19, 2010.

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...Then why would you eat a chicken? They're just as intelligent.


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