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Beth Ditto of The Gossip

On April 30, 2010, The Gossip played a sold-out show at New York’s Terminal 5.  This is my 3rd time seeing Beth Ditto and company perform (the other 2 times were pre-According2g).  I think they are fantastic!  They unfortunately suffer from what I call “Scissor Sisters Syndrome,” which means they sell out large venues all over Europe and in their home country of the United States, for reasons I can’t figure out, they have not achieved super-star status.  Beth Ditto has an amazing voice and her energy on stage is hard to beat. The last time I saw The Gossip, I was about 5 rows back from the stage and while the crowd was pretty rowdy throughout the show, all hell broke loose during their cover of George Michael’s “Careless Whisper.”  It was truly a sight to behold.  Before the band hit the stage, Mr. Showbiz himself, Murray Hill introduced The Gossip.  They played classic songs “Standing In The Way Of Control,” “Listen Up,” “Yr Mangled Heart” and new songs off their latest release ‘Music For Men,’ such as “Pop Goes The World,” “Heavy Cross,” and “Dimestore Diamond.”  I’m sure the full set list will circulate shortly and when it does, I’ll update this post. (See below for the update.) In between songs, Beth Ditto mentioned attending the Hole concert which happened earlier in the week at the same venue.  She sang a brief a cappella version of “Live Through This,” and she also mentioned that the recent Icelandic volcano disaster forced them to cancel an appearance on Saturday Night Live.  Hopefully that will be rescheduled, because I am not one to Gossip, but I think if a wider audience gets the opportunity to hear this band, they will learn what myself and the crowd at Terminal 5 already know – this band kicks ass!

Standing in the way of control.

See more pictures of the fabulous Beth Ditto and the set list after the jump.

Beth Ditto turning coal to diamonds.

Oh Beth what can I do?

The crowd going apeshit!

The set list courtesy of Flickr was:

Yr Mangled Heart / Pop Goes The World / 4 Letter Word / Listen Up / 8th Wonder / Waves / Dimestore Diamond / Love Long Distance / 2012 / Firesign / Standing In The Way of Control / Yesterday’s News / Men In Love / Heavy Cross.

Encore: Pull Up To The Bumper (Grace Jones Cover)

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