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Icelandic singer Jonsi of the band Sigur Ros¬†played his first ever solo show in New York on May 8, 2010 at Terminal 5. Before I start my review, here are 3 fun facts about Jonsi: ¬†His real name is Jon Thor Birgisson, he is openly gay and he is blind in his right eye. ¬†What do these three things have to do with each other, you ask? ¬†Nothing! ¬†As ¬†Jonsi took the stage, you could hear a pin drop as the audience watched the singer perform the first song “Stars In Still Water” acoustically. ¬†Though Jonsi didn’t say much to the sold-out crowd during the show, he more than made up for it with his music and really cool stage set up. Using really cool screen projections, the backdrop looked like war-ravaged window panes that morphed into flooding waters, woodsy scenes and fire! ¬†He took to the stage at 9 pm and played for about 85 minutes. ¬†According2g, as I watched Jonsi, I felt like I was being transported into a movie and the songs he sang were the perfect soundtrack. ¬†His voice has a quality to it that is so beautiful and honest, I was really captivated throught the show.¬† His debut album “Go” is out now. ¬†There’s one more show at Terminal 5, on May 9, 2010 for those who want to catch this great show. ¬†Stay tuned for a video of “Go Do” coming soon to this website. ¬†Watch out for it. ¬†In the interim, enjoy some more pictures of Jonsi and see the set list after the jump.

Jonsi Birgisson.

Jonsi's Jukebox

The set list was:

  • stars in still water (acoustic)
  • hengilos
  • icicle sleeves
  • kolnidur
  • tornado
  • sinking friendships
  • saint naive
  • k12
  • go do
  • boy lilikoi
  • new piano song
  • around us
  • Encore:

  • animal arithmetic
  • grow till tall
  • If you have corrections, please let us know!

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    • New York City said,

      […] posted here: Jůnsi live at Terminal 5 in New York | According to G – JOIN THE INVESTORS CLUB […]

    • Brian said,

      Worst Venue I have ever been to. I am 6’1 and still couldn’t see shit. I will never go to Terminal 5 again. Waste of money.

    • "Go Do" by Jůnsi live at Terminal 5 in New York | According to G said,

      […] a video of “Go Do” from May 8, 2010.† You can see more pictures of†Jůnsi† here. […]

    • Jess said,

      Ditto on the venue Brian! I’m 5’2″ and barely saw any of what looked like an incredibly beautiful set (saw Broken Social Scene at Webster Hall the night before and didn’t have this problem at all). So so so upsetting. I managed to see some of the woodsy backdrop during Kolniour which was so amazing it brought me to tears. His songs were timed perfectly with each background scene, just like a movie with a great soundtrack. You win, Jonsi. Just please pick a different venue next time you’re in NY.

    • An Encounter with Jonsi (of Sigur Ros) | According to G said,

      […] on his own these days and I was very fortunate to catch his first solo show in New York earlier this year.† As I was walking towards the Hammerstein Ballroom, I saw Jonsi walking down the street with his […]