Massive Attack live at Terminal 5

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Photos by G.

Massive Attack

Propaganda, fog machines, trip hop and a laser light show sum up the night when New York was massively attacked by Massive Attack!  Playing their first of 2 sold-out shows at Terminal 5, May 11, 2010 is a day that I won’t be forgetting any time soon.  I’ve always liked Massive Attack’s music, but I had resisted seeing them perform live all these years because I didn’t imagine their stage show would be as impressive or as trippy as their music.  Plus, they don’t tour that often.  I couldn’t have been more foolish for missing their shows!  The LED screens behind the musicians changed from colorful light displays to inspiring quotes inviting a necessary revolution, the musicians and singers were all fantastic and the audience was loving every last second of it.  For once, the propaganda we were being forced to look at was stuff that I’ve been saying for years, so it was nice to see a band that is trying to make a difference in people’s lives by challenging them to wake up and realize we are totally getting screwed by the 1% of the population that rules over the other 99%.  Massive Attack members 3D (aka Robert Del Naja) and Daddy G (no relation to me and aka Grant Marshall) delivered the goods vocally and they also had a little help from Martina Topley-Bird (who was also the opening act) and two other singers whose names sadly escape me at the present moment.  They hit the stage at 9:50 PM and played until about 11:40 PM.  In addition to performing crowd favorites “Angel,” “Karmacoma,” “Teardrop” and “Mezzanine,” they also performed tracks off their new album Heligoland including “Psyche,” “Atlas Air” and “Splitting the Atom.”  If Massive Attack come to your town, I highly recommend you go see them – the show was incredible!  More pictures to come, so stay tuned.

3D aka Robert Del Naja of Massive Attack.

See more pictures and the set list after the jump.

Daddy G (on the right)

Martina Topley-Bird


3D of Massive Attack

The Set List for Massive Attack live at Terminal 5 in NYC on May 11, 2010

The set list was:

United Snakes / Babel / Rising Son / Girl I Love You / Psyche / Future Proof / Invade Me / Teardrop / Mezzanine / Angel / Safe From Harm / Inertia Creeps.

Encore: Splitting the Atom / Unfinished Sympathy / Atlas Air / Karmacoma

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  • New York City said,

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  • johnson said,

    do you know what time the line started forming outside terminal 5? I want to try and get in as close to the stage as possible for tonights show!

  • Daniel said,

    I second johnson’s question…what time does the line start? My ticket says doors open at 7. They don’t come on till 9:50? That’s three hours…

    I saw them at Roseland a few years ago and they rocked! Big fan of Massive Attack. How is the venue? Sound quality? Views?

  • The G said,

    I got there at 6:45 and whilst I stood in the front on the second level, the floor was only about 3 rows deep by that time. Doors are at 7. The sound is not great at Terminal 5 and if you are short like me and you are not near the front, good luck trying to see.

  • Pinksnow said,

    “Massively attacked” says it all!!!!!! I have not seen such a great show and performance for a long time!!!!!!!!! Even their last performance here in 2006 was not so completely mind-blowing! We got there at 7 and we were in the first row (so to speak) — at the very front, though on the left side of the stage. Seeing their faces and facial expressions was hypnotic, so you definitely want to be upfront (that also means no bathroom breaks, unless someone holds your spot for you and lets you back in). I assume that today people may start to come before 7pm to stand on line, since yesterday’s show was incredibly amazing! You could feel the love and the energy of the crowd, and it made you high without even being on drugs! I regret not buying the tickets for both Tuesday and Wednesday’s shows!!!!

  • The G said,

    I sort of expected to like the show, but I ended up LOVING it! It was amazing!!!!

  • Daniel said,

    My partner is short…do you recommend we stand on the second level?

  • Pinksnow said,

    I say get there between 6 and 7pm and stand in the first row, even if you are on the side, the view is amazing regardless of your hight.

  • Nina said,

    I got there right at 7pm and was able to get 1 person in from the stage. I highly reccommend it, because by the time they perform, it will be packed in tight. Martina started off the night, with an unventful rap group after, and then they went on just before 10.

  • johnson said,

    excellent, thanks for the response guys, saw ’em in 06…this show’s been long overdue!!! can’t wait

  • Daniel said,

    Thanks for all the comments and info…this day is dragging! Can’t wait for tonight!

  • The G said,

    Hope you all have a blast tonight!!!

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  • Jimitits said,

    Yes it was a massive attack with serious intent and a political point which the people needed! I sat with f/f of the band,very cool and no hassels at all. The band played to us as much as possibe. I have some great shots of this show as well as a dozen others in recent months which I will post in the very near future. Please check back in a few weeks. It will be worthy. As for as MA. Legendary massters of trip hop. I did note alot of lollipop action. It was planet of the very far and groovey. Adam Clayton held his game in the front row on the floor. I was happy to be with the ‘ group’ feeling the love even more.
    If u were there u were very lucky!I
    If missed it do not next time,sadly could take years! And the messages indicate it may not happen this way again. We have traded freedom for fear. The man and system have taken control and we are still in for the worse to yet come, unless we take control and change it. Use your god given mouth knowledge to make a fucking change. If you do not the next tour will have military with rifles watching and it will be less free, and more Orwellian!!!!!
    WAKE UP!!!!
    It is much later than u think.
    MA tried to convey this perversity that is occuring and taking over!
    It was a fantastic show.
    Check my site for lots more in nex couple weeks.

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