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Posted by The G on May 29, 2010 under G Reviews | 6 Comments to Read

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Sex and The City 2

I rank the TV series Sex and the City on my list of all time favorites and when a movie adaptation surfaced a few years ago, I was both excited and trepidatious about seeing it.  I thought the series had a perfect ending, and even when you wish a good thing wouldn’t come to an end, sometimes we can’t always get what we want.  I was not crazy about the film as it seemed to have the same characters the world had come to know and love in the 6 seasons prior, but seeing their transition from the small to big screen was a less than satisfying experience.  Filling 30 minutes of air time allowed for brilliantly crafted story lines, memorable fashion, female bonding, cosmopolitans and witty dialogue.  Expanding that into a feature film meant impossibly banal story lines, simplistic plot and lots of overkill.

Sex and the City 2 picks up where the disappointment of the first film left off.  Without giving away too many spoilers, this 2 and a half hour sequel seemed like a really long “lost episode,” that didn’t seem to have any point and worse yet, I thought it was never going to end.  Instead of hashing out a plot, it seems that scenes were written around the inclusion of fabulous outfits they wanted to show off.  I am all for fashion and I admit, a lot of the outfits from their alleged $10 Million clothing budget were really great – but who sits around their apartment in haute couture? Worse yet, walking through a souk in Abu Dhabi wearing Christian Dior and spiky high heels is just plain ridiculous!  Not once did these ladies slip and fall in the cobblestone streets or get mugged for showing off their riches in an impoverished area.  What I like even less is the message this movie sends to impressionable Carrie Bradshaw wannabees.  That message appears to be: everything will be ok as you are wearing this season’s collection.  Call me old fashioned, but I like style to have a little more substance.

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  • Gail said,

    I won’t be seeing it. While the series was completely unbelievable/ unrealistic, I loved it anyway. It was a fun escape. But I absolutely hated the first movie due to its message that a woman must “get her man” at all costs, even one who obviously does not love or want you (i.e. Mr Big). What a load of bullshit. Thanks for saving me 12 bucks.

  • The G said,

    I do what I can. 🙂

  • The G said,

    oh, and it’s $13.50 now for a movie in New York! Highway robbery!

  • Bob said,

    It’s all about the shoes!

  • Pinksnow said,

    And what about that awful Bollywood karaoke?

  • The G said,