Sondre Lerche live at the Nokia Theater

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Sondre Lerche

Prior to A-Ha’s triumphant first farewell show at New York’s Nokia Theater on May 6, 2010, fellow Norwegian singer Sondre Lerche took the stage for an opening acoustic set.  Sondre Lerche is not only physcially beautiful, but his music is the same.  According2g, he sounds a little bit like Jeff Buckley, which is a good thing!  On stage, he admitted that he was massively influenced by A-ha and he almost couldn’t believe that he was sharing the same stage with them.  He played about 5 or 6 songs including “Faces Down,” a track from the movie “Dan In Real Life” (of which he did the score) and “I Think It’s Going To Rain.”  The crowd lost their minds when he performed A-Ha’s “Crying In The Rain”  B-Side “(Seemingly) Non-Stop July.”  I expect to continue hearing great things to come from Sondre Lerche.

See some more pictures of Sondre Lerche after the jump.

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