A Sad Day For Clubkids and Crackheads

Posted by The G on June 13, 2010 under GNN | 3 Comments to Read

Photos by G.

The Limelight. Former Club. Now a Shopping Mall.

The Limelight on 6th Avenue and 20th Street in New York is a converted church that used to be one of the hottest clubs in New York.  Almost every legendary story of clubkids and crackheads partying until the dawn in New York took place at this space and after sitting vacant for a few years, it has now become a shopping mall!  I only had the chance to dance at the Limelight once and I remember one room was full of queens dancing at Madonna night and the next room was Gangsta Rap night.  In between the rooms was a fortune teller.  It was a night to remember.  RIP Old New York and Viva La Consumerism!

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  • Gail said,

    You know we still have to go there and check it out…

  • Bob J said,

    In 93/94, was in the US, played there a couple of times, yes the debauchary did exist. Some good cocaine from there, and crazy nights hanging out in the VIP bar. Saw Red Hot Chilli Peppers play there at a CMJ showcase in ’88, UV lightshow and fluoro paint. Last night I was there, snorting cocaine with the manager in his office with drag queens Ah. The memories

  • Sharon said,

    I am so bitterrrrrr.