An Encounter with MNDR

Posted by The G on June 27, 2010 under Encounters with G | 3 Comments to Read

Photo taken with my hand.

MNDR and G

Earlier this year I saw the wonderful and fabulous singer MNDR on two occasions (once opening for Erykah Badu and once opening for VV Brown).  I predicted that we’d be hearing a lot more about her and I was correct!  Superstar producer Mark Ronson has recruited MNDR for his latest single “Bang Bang Bang,” (which also features Tribe Called Quest’s Q-Tip) and on June 26, 2010 at the launch party for the Creators Project at Milk Studios in New York, MNDR was on hand to perform the song with Mark Ronson.  Prior to hitting the stage, I met Amanda Warner aka MNDR and she was extremely cool.  And don’t you just love her shirt?!  Amazing!  I think this single will be the much deserved big break for MNDR and I am looking forward to seeing her name at the top of the music charts.  Thanks again MNDR and looking forward to hearing more great songs to come!

MNDR and Mark Ronson performing "Bang Bang Bang"

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  • Sven Boris Schreiber said,

    Hi G, well, it seems we share some enthusiasm about the talented emerging lady called MNDR! While she caught my attention first in Mark Ronson’s video with her unique sharp voice and her odd dance performance, I’ve found that her own music productions are even more exciting.

    Please keep on posting news about MNDR whenever possible! By the way, your MNDR photos are just delicious!

    cu Sven Boris

  • G said,

    Definitely check out “Jump In” by MNDR…. Pure pop heaven, guilt free! Thanks for reading Sven!

  • Sven Boris Schreiber said,

    Thanks for the hint – just checked it out, and you’re right, of course! I also like “I Go Away” and “We Can All Fall” pretty much – those slower tracks are really hypnotizing. Now I desperately hope that MNDR will come to Germany someday…………