Diamondsnake (Featuring Moby) Rocks New York!

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Moby is a friggin’ genius!  We all know that from hearing his album “Play.”  He consistently makes groovy electronica, gives away tracks for budding film-makers to use for free and he supports a variety of good causes.  What you might not know about Moby is that he has a secret heavy metal side that he’s been itching to set free.  He unleashed the beast on June 17, 2010 at New York’s Highline Ballroom as his band Diamondsnake played their first ever gig.  Diamondsnake has the sound of a great metal band, the look of a great metal band and the comedic delivery of Spinal Tap!  Moby didn’t sing and instead was the lead guitarrist.  Holy crap can he play! If Kirk Hammett from Metallica ever calls in sick, Moby could fill in with no problem!  Phil Costello, who has fronted the heavy metal Bee Gees tribute band Tragedy, is the vocalist for Diamondsnake and what a voice he has!  His heavy metal lead singer delivery was flawless as he played “hit” after Diamondsnake “hit.”  He held up his hand to show the ladies in the audience the absence of a ring on his finger meant that he was single and he also told the single ladies what those fingers could do to them if they make it back stage!  At one point, rather than ask the audience how they were doing, as most rock and roll front men do, he instead walked into the crowd and asked the section that served food what kind of meals people were eating!  Classic! He dedicated the song “Rock N’ Raw,” to his love of sushi and after every song, instead of receiving applause and saying “thank you,” he didn’t wait at all for hand claps before saying “You’re welcome!”  If you are not getting the hint of how hilarious the evening was, this outta cement it for you:  their “hit” single is called “Storm the Fucking Kastle,” and another track is called “Switch Hitter.”  The evening was not complete until scantily clad rock and roll girls came out on stage and shook their moneymakers!  What a night!  Diamondsnake is playing in Los Angeles on July 7, 2010 at the Dragonfly, and I highly recommend you cancel your plans and go see Diamondsnake!  It’s a site to behold! You can stream their entire album here.


See more pictures from this incredible evening and see the set list, after the jump.

Shake what your mama gave ya!

Diamondsnakes are forever!

The set list for Diamondsnake at the Highline Ballroom in NYC on June 17, 2010.

For the visually impaired, the set list was:

We Wanna Love You / Switch Hitter / Rock N’ Raw / Lady of the Morning / Woman, Yeah / What The World Needs Now Is Rock / Wrong Woman To Love / Lost / Yeah.

Encore: Diamondsnake Riot / Storm the Fucking Kastle

2nd Encore: I Want Roll.

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