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Duran Duran by Duran Duran. Out now!

Last year, Duran Duran reissued “Rio,” one of their classic albums, in a deluxe package with lots of bonus tracks.  A few weeks ago saw the release of a deluxe edition of their first album.  The original 9 track UK version of the album (with “To The Shore,” and without “Is There Something I Should Know), has been remastered and it sounds like it was freshly recorded.  Filling out the rest of disc one are the long sought after (and now pretty easily available) B-sides, “Fame,” “Khanada,” “Faster Than Light,” and “Late Bar,” which are easily as good as any track off the actual record.

The second disc contains 10 tracks that have never been released before!  There are Air Studios versions of “Girls on Film” (which is much slower than the original version) and “Tel Aviv” (which unlike the album version, has full lyrics!).  There are 4 Manchester Square Demos of “Anyone Out There,” “Planet Earth,” (which has a different last verse) “Friends of Mine” and “Late Bar.”  Aside from “Planet Earth,” the lyrics are the same as the released versions, but these demos are much rougher than what ended up being released.  There are 4 BBC Radio Session tracks: “Night Boat,” “Girls on Film,” “Anyone Out There,” and “Like An Angel.”  “Like an Angel” sounds a lot like the demo that is on the “Rio” Special Edition and it’s nice to hear a live rendition of that version.  The other 3 tracks are pretty similar to the album versions.  Filling out the rest of the disc are Night Versions and Night Mixes of “Planet Earth” and “Girls on Film” and the Night Mixes have been pretty hard to come by until now.

The 3rd and final disc is a DVD that features all the videos off the album, many of which appear on DVD for the first time.  (“Planet Earth” – 2 versions; “Girls on Film” – censored and uncensored version; “Careless Memories,” and “Nightboat”).  Correct me if I am wrong, but I could have sworn there was a video to “Anyone Out There”?  Also available for the first time are pristine quality appearances from Top Of The Pops (where they lip synched to “Girls on Film,” “Planet Earth” and “Careless Memories); Old Grey Whistle Test (live versions of “Nightboat” and “Anyone Out There”); Multicoloured Swap Shop (lip synched versions of “Friends of Mine” and “Girls on Film”).  Also included is “A Day In The Life” featurette which was an easter egg on a previous video collection release.

The package comes with a poster, 5 cards (each featuirng a different member of the band) and a lyric-less booklet.  That was pretty much the only disappointing feature for me, but as a Durannie, I am very pleased with the latest addition to my collection.

Duran Duran Track List!

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  • Sharon said,

    It’s a *G*IQQ exclusive!

  • G said,

    I hate quoting perez hilton, but that comment is AMAZEBALLS!

  • Gianna said,

    Great review. Finally one that is not vague 🙂