Goldfrapp live at the Hammerstein Ballroom

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Alison Goldfrapp

My friends have been asking me for years why I wasn’t a die-hard fan of Goldfrapp.  They followed up that question with, “G, I think they are your type of band,” but for all these years I haven’t really given Goldfrapp a fair shake.  I’ve read a lot of negative stuff about lead singer Alison Goldfrapp’s attitude (I’ve heard the expression “how bitchy is [insert celebrity name] on a scale of 1 to Alison Goldfrapp?” numerous times) so perhaps that’s what turned me off.  When their latest album “Head First” came out earlier this year, I finally started to open my eyes.  Soon afterwards, I found out they’d be touring and I decided to check them out.  Mark this day in your calendar – June 23, 2010.  That’s the day I became a huge Goldfrapp fan!

Picture it – it’s 90 degrees Fahrenheit in New York.  The queue to get in was directly in the sun.  After an excruciatingly hot wait to get past security, we enjoyed the blissful air conditioning of the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York.  Opening act The Cults hit the stage around 8 pm and they performed about 6 songs before the main attraction at 9 PM:  Goldfrapp!

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From the second Alison Goldfrapp hit the stage until the moment she left it, the crowd was loving every second of her and Alison showed her gratitude to us right back.  She had great outfits, made perfect use of fans acting as wind machines, and her stage presence is so great, she gets lost in each song and the crowd does the same.  I loved that as the first note of each song was played, the audience erupted in screams and applause and didn’t relent throughout each song.  The crowd was civilized and politely danced in their own spot all night long and even though most of us were practically dehydrated from our wait in the sun, we danced all night like it was our last day on earth!  Alison Goldfrapp had 4 outfit changes and was called back for two encores.  She played a lot of songs off “Head First,” (including “Shiny and Warm,” my current favorite) but dove back into the Goldfrapp catalog, pleasing the die-hards.

At times, I felt that Alison Goldfrapp was channeling Olivia Newton-John, Kate Hudson and Pamela Anderson and the combination worked as I really had a blast!  I met a bunch of cool people before the show (all of whom were also seeing Goldfrapp for the first time, but have been fans for years) and everybody’s expectations were far exceeded.  It’s sort of strange because the top level of the Hammerstein Ballroom was completely empty and I have to say, to the people who didn’t fill those seats, you missed out on a great show!

The set list for Goldfrapp at the Hammerstein Ballroom on June 23, 2010 was:

Crystalline Green
I wanna life
Head First
Number 1
Shiny and Warm
Ride a White Horse
Ooh La La


Black Cherry

Encore 2:


Strict Machine

More pictures of Goldfrapp and a video of “Shiny And Warm,” coming soon!  Stay tuned…

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