Interpol and M.I.A. perform at The Creators Project Launch in NYC

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Photos by G.

Art Installation at The Creators Project Launch in New York.

The Creators Project is an initiative that brings together innovators across the world that push artistic boundaries.  The project sponsored by Intel and Vice Magazine is planning a series of launch events in the UK, Brazil, South Korea and China.  The first launch took place on June 26, 2010 at Milk Studios in New York and I was there to catch all of the action!  The event was 12 hours of art and music aka Heaven for G. There were art installations, workshops, film screenings, live music and free food and alcohol all day long!  The music consisted of Interpol, Mark Ronson, M.I.A., Die Antwoord, The Rapture, Neon Indian, Tame Impala, Golden Filter, plus a few I had to miss because I was seeing the above mentioned groups. In the coming days there will be lots more about this launch party as well as my encounters with a lot of the creators I’ve just mentioned, so stay tuned.

This invite only event was extremely cool for all of the above reasons as you can imagine.  I’d say several thousand people showed up and it was fairly civilized as the event was spread out across the entire building (on 4 out of 8 floors).  Lines for food and alcohol tended to be long but they moved fairly quickly and almost every person working the event was eye candy, so that made everything that much nicer.  By the end of the night, since it was extremely hot and people had been drinking all day long, it was getting a little bit tiring, but considering all the music and art I saw for free, I have no complaints!  I can’t wait to attend future parties for the Creators Project and if you live in the above mentioned territories, find a way to make sure you get on the list!

After the jump see a preview of things to come with photos of Mark Ronson, Paul Banks of Interpol and M.I.A.

Performance by Radical Friend

Mark Ronson!

Paul Banks of Interpol


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