Junip featuring Jose Gonzalez at the Bowery Ballroom

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Photos by G.

Jose Gonzalez

Swedish singer Jose Gonzalez resurrected his band Junip and they played a sold out show at New York’s Bowery Ballroom on June 11, 2010.  I’ve seen the indie folk singer Jose Gonzalez several times live but usually it’s just him and a guitar. He’s got a voice that is so smooth, when you hear him sing, for that brief moment of time, all is right with the world.  Hearing him perform tonight with Junip was heavenly.  They have a style that is so intimate, you’d feel like you are at a backyard party watching an amazing band entertain you.  They played mostly as yet unreleased songs that will are taken from an upcoming September 2010 release as well as songs from their EP “Rope and Summit,” which is available as a free download on their official site.  If you don’t know Junip or Jose Gonzalez’ music, I highly recommend you check it out because I think you’ll become an instant fan.  Jose’s solo albums have featured covers of Massive Attack’s “Teardrop,” and The Knife’s “Heartbeats,” and dare I say, his versions are better than the originals, according2g.  There was no set list, so perhaps a Junip die-hard can fill us in on the songs played tonight, but I can tell you that they performed a cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “the Ghost of Tom Joad,” and a video of that will be forthcoming, so stay tuned.  I met Jose Gonzalez after the show as well so stay tuned for a picture from that encounter.

For now, enjoy some more pictures of Jose and Junip after the jump.

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