Kylie Minogue – Aphrodite: The G Review

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Aphrodite by Kylie Minogue. Out July 6, 2010.

Though Kylie Minogue’s 11th studio album “Aphrodite” is not released in the United States until July 6, 2010, I attended a special listening party and here are my initial thoughts after the first listen.

1. All The Lovers.  This is the first single.  I have never been a huge fan of Stuart Price’s production (though I seem to differ from the rest of the world).  I am not terribly crazy about this song.  It’s a mid-tempo track with Kylie’s airy vocals.  I do like the line “You’ll be next to me, that’s all you need.”  The song is 3:20.

2. Get Outta My Way.  The song has minimal music on the verses and by the time the chorus rolls around, a dance party ensues.  I like the lyric:  “Take a chance tonight and try something new.”  I’m sure this song will grow on me with more listens.  The song is 3:40.

3. Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love).  Again the song starts off with minimal music and by the chorus, it’s dance party time.  Sample lyric:  “Everybody knows how life can get so twisted / But I won’t let it bring me down / There’s no point in trying to resist it / Just work it out.”  As the chorus suggests, you will put your hands up (if you’re feeling love).  The track is 3:37.

4. Closer.  This is a slower dance track that has a nice progression.  It sounds more like an after-party late night dance song than a club thumper.  The song is 3:09.

5. Everything is Beautiful.  The song would fit in on the “Light Years” album as it’s acoustic/rock Kylie.  It’s pretty mellow and is immediately not one of my favorite tracks. There are parts of the song that employ that annoying vocoder (but it’s not as horribly overused as the other queen of pop tends to use it).  However, when she sings “Beautiful, Uh-Uh” you’d think that her Madgesty was singing on the song.  The song is 3:25.

6. Aphrodite.  Another dance/rock track.  This sounds to me like a Madonna song. “I’m fierce and feeling mighty / I’m the golden girl / I’m Aphrodite.”  Loving that lyric!  The song is 3:45

7. Illusion.  A nice dance-pop track. She sings “I’m surrounded by confusion / and I’m lost in this illusion.”  The song has a mellow mid section before returning to the dance section of the early part.  The track is 3:20.

8. Better Than Today.  This track was played live on Kylie’s amazing 2009 tour.  It’s another mellow dance track with some nice acoustic guitars over her vocals on the verses.  The track is 3:25.

9. Too Much. An upbeat dance number.  She sings that “this kind of love is too much.”  The track has a slowed down middle section that gives way to a dance party explosion at the end of the song.  The song is 3:14.

10. Cupid Boy.  I am liking this song a lot.  She sings, “Why don’t you thrill me like you did before / Why don’t you give me a little bit more.”  This is one of the better dance tracks on the album, according2g.  The song is 4:25

11. Looking for an Angel.  Another track that I am liking a lot on first listen.  It has a nice beat over a string section.  She sings “Cuz I wanna rise up now / I don’t wanna be earth bound.”  With more listens, I imagine this will be one of my favorite tracks off the record.  The track is 3:50.

12. Can’t Beat The Feeling.  The final three tracks on the record seem to be the strongest for me. This trio reminds me of the classic Kylie that the world (aside from the US) has come to know and love.  She sings “I can’t beat the feeling that I get when I’m with you.”  The song is 4:11.

My initial impressions of “Aphrodite” are that I am not loving it as much as “X” or “Fever,” but I know this album will get repeated listens and I am sure that in spite of the production by Stuart Price, this album will grow on me with each listen.  Once again, I think the US will overlook this album because it’s “very gay” sounding, but I think this country could use a little happiness and Kylie might be just the goddess to sprinkle a little sunshine on these gloomy times.

When you hear the record, tell us your thoughts!

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