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Night Work by Scissor Sisters. Available June 29, 2010.

As my faithful readers know, I love the Scissor Sisters.  They are one of the best bands to see live as the energy of lead singer Jake Shears is incomparable.  Co-lead singer Ana Matronic knows how to work the crowd with her sexiness and watching Baby Daddy and Del Marquis is a treat for the eyes. Their 3rd album “Night Work” is one of the most anticipated releases of the year for me and I’ve been lucky enough to hear the album prior to its release on June 29, 2010. Every track is upbeat and I am sure it’s going to be the summer album that everyone grooves to in 2010.  Rather than provide a proper review (since I love every song on the record), I’ll tell you some of my favorite lyrics off each song, after the jump.

1. Night Work. “I dreamed one day I’d be living off the system for free / But dreams come true, honey, welcome to my reality.”

2. Whole New Way.  “I see smoke upon the water / Said the sailor to the daughter / Well I think I need a rubber tonight.”

3. Fire With Fire. “Now we’re free to be number 1 / The morning isn’t far away / I had a dream we were holding on / Tomorrow has become today.”

4. Any Which Way. “I’m gonna find a man that smells like coco butter and cash.”

5. Harder You Get. “I’ve got some apples / if you want them, you can grab them.”

6. Running Out. “We’re running out of drugs / of patience / of air.”

7. Something Like This. “No I don’t feel like going home / There’s no chance I’m leaving here solo.”

8. Skin This Cat. “There’s a million ways to skin this cat / let me show you.”

9. Skin Tight. “When we come down off our high for the night / You don’t let go.”

10. Sex and Violence.  “Does anybody know right now / Exactly where you are / A step inside is a step too far”

11. Nightlife. “You can find your life in the nightlife.”

12. Invisible Light. “An invisible light shoots through your eyes.”

Again, I am so looking forward to “Night Work,” as I think it might be the best offering yet from the Scissor Sisters.  I am praying that some sort of deluxe edition will be released that includes the original version of the album that was scrapped.  I heard most of those songs played live a few years ago and I loved what I heard.  Give us hope, give us B-sides, give us Scissor Sisters!  “Night Work” is released worldwide on June 29, 2010!  Get it!

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