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Blood Like Lemonade by Morcheeba

A few months ago, I told you about an exciting rumour that Skye Edwards would be returning to our beloved trip-hop band Morcheeba and the rumours turned out to be true!  “Blood Like Lemonade,” a ten track album from Morcheeba is set to be released in the UK on June 7, 2010.  There is currently no word on a US release date at this time.  As you know by now, if it’s cool, it’ll land in my lap and land it has.  Here’s my track by track review of “Blood Like Lemonade.”

1. Crimson.  The album opens on a mellow note as Skye talks about a “crimson crystal view.”  This track is nothing out of the ordinary from Morcheeba, but according2g, it’s so good to hear Skye’s creamy voice again, I am digging it.  There’s a one minute groove-outro on this 5 minute and 10 second track.

2. Even Though.  Another mellow track.  I like the words of the chorus a lot:  “Even though we know it’s forever changing / even though we know, we lie and wait / Even though we know the hidden danger / I hope it’s not too late.”  This is the first single off the album.

3. Blood Like Lemonade.  Yet another mellow track.  She talks about a vampire drinking blood like lemonade.  Wait for the funky acoustic guitar jam in the middle of the song.  It’s groovy!

4. Mandala.  An instrumental with a few samples (“friendships and brotherhood”) thrown in for good measure. It’s got a bit of country honk and trip hop.  Another laid back slow jam.  If instrumentals aren’t your thing, the good news is, the track is only 2 minutes and 37 seconds long.

5. I Am The Spring. Acoustic Skye track that is pretty slow and was not one of my favorites on first listen.

6. Recipe for Disaster.  The first line is “I wanna know why there’s a dead guy in my living room.”  If there’s such a genre called “Folk-tronica,” this track is in that style.  There’s a minute and a half instrumental outro complete with record scratching at the end.

7. Easier Said Than Done. This song picks up the pace a little bit, but as you’ve gleaned by now, the album is very mellow.

8. Cut to The Chase.  Another instrumental track with a few samples and record scratching.  Not exactly a stand out track.

9. Self Made Man. This is probably my favorite track on the album.  Though still pretty mellow, there’s a few dark beats that make you want to close your eyes and groove like nobody’s looking.  Skye asserts that there is “no such thing as a self made man” on this 5 minute and 10 second track.

10. Beat of the Drum.  The album closes on a mellow note.  Ha!  “To the beat of the drum, we travel on / Courageous, we sail into the storm / Singing our song, and feeling strong / On a voyage to where we all belong.”  I like this track a lot too and it takes you on a journey as the lyrics suggest – into the mellow night.

For those looking for the guest rappers and faster tracks, this album is probably not for you.  But like I feel about Sade, the songs might not be played over and over again, but every song is great in its own way.  Let us know what you think!

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  • Thom said,

    Great afterbar album. Probably the best one for 2010 if you like to chill in the early morning hours with friends.