Penguin Prison live at Music Hall of Williamsburg

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Penguin Prison!

On June 14, 2010, New York’s own Penguin Prison opened for Delphic at the Music Hall of Williamsburg.  Knowing that lead singer Chris Glover has cited influences such as Prince, Tribe Called Quest and Nirvana, I already knew I would love their music.  From the opening notes of “Golden Train,” I was immediately in love.  Chris Glover’s voice reminded me a bit of Justin Timberlake but much funkier and the music of Penguin Prison is delicious pop-electronica that will surely spawn many radio hits!  One of my favorite parts of Penguin Prison’s 40 minute set was when Chris Glover placed his guitar over his head and played it backwards a’la Jimi Hendrix!  While we await the release of Penguin Prison’s album, they have already been getting a lot of buzz for their remix of Marina and the Diamonds’  I am Not a Robot.”  Our friends at RCRD LBL have a slew of free Penguin Prison mp3s (including the aforementioned Marina and the Diamonds remix), so I recommend you check them out!  I met lead singer Chris Glover after their triumphant set and he was super nice!  A picture of that encounter is coming soon, so stay tuned.  For now, enjoy another picture as well as the set list after the jump.

Chris Glover of Penguin Prison

The set list for Penguin Prison at Music Hall of Williamsburg on June 14, 2010. Now property of the G Archives.

For the visually impaired, Penguin Prison’s set list was:

Golden Train / The Worse It Gets / Something I’m Not / $ / I’m Not a Robot / A Funny Thing / Millionaire

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