The New Pornographers live at Terminal 5

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New Pornographers!

On June 19, 2010 Canadian power pop/indie rock group The New Pornographers played a sold-out show at New York’s Terminal 5.  The band played 23 songs and the crowd lost their minds throughout the entire night.  The band played a nice mix of songs off all 5 of their studio albums and the names of their songs are quite clever, but sometimes are not the commonly repeated phrases in the songs, making it really hard to figure out the set list.  Luckily for my rusted mind, I have a picture of the set list, which you will see after the jump.  One of the highlights of the show for me was when male vocalist Carl Newman announced that it was singer Kathryn Calder’s birthday 2 days ago and asked if we wouldn’t mind singing her a happy birthday.  By the time he’d gotten that complete sentence out, half of the crowd had already begun singing.  The rest of the crowd joined in a few moments later and it was pretty interesting hearing 3,000 people singing “Happy Birthday,” not in unison.  Carl Newman remarked that our rendition sounded like a goth version of the song.  Without missing a beat, he then joked “it’s my birthday today.”  Funny stuff!  I took a video of “Jackie Dressed in Cobras” and “A Bite Out of My Bed” (featuring opening act The Dodos on horns!) and that will be coming soon, so stay tuned for.  On a personal note, as I was walking out of the venue, I saw an extremely drunk woman trip and fall on her face (literally) and I thought she was a goner.  She passed out and I waited on the sidelines for security to get there to see if she was ok, as it sounded like she really injured herself really badly.  I saw her get up, so hopefully she learned her lesson not to drink and walk! And now, on a happier note, enjoy some more pictures of The New Pornographers!

Neko Case and Carl Newman of the New Pornographers.

Carl Newman of the New Pornographers.

Neko Case of the New Pornographers.

The set list for the New Pornographers at Terminal 5 in New York on June 19, 2010.

For those too lazy to enlarge the image, the set list was:

Sing Me Spanish Techno / Up In The Dark / Myriad Harbour / Use It / Crash Years / Jackie Dressed In Cobras / A Bite Out Of My Bed / Adventures in Solitude / Sweet Talk, Sweet Talk / Go Places / All The Show Old Stoppers / Jackie / Moves / Your Hands (Together) / Twin Cinema / My Shepard / The Laws Have Changed / Sister Silver Dollar / Miss Romance / The Bleeding Heart Show.

Encore: Challenges / Slow Descent Into Alcohol / Testament to You

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  • Liz said,

    I just got back and I couldn’t agree more – it was a great show! My favorite moment was when some guys were clapping quite badly along to crash years (I think) and Carl stopped singing and just said “NO”
    I was really impressed by the dodo’s as well – they’re much better live than in the studio. You don’t happen to know where I could find their set list eh?

  • G said,

    I didn’t see a set list. I think the Dodos possibly stole the show… Pix of them, coming soon!

    Thanks for reading and stay tuned!

  • Gail said,

    I really like this band! Glad you enjoyed the show!

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