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Posted by The G on July 4, 2010 under The G Spot | Comments are off for this article

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Art by Richard Hughes

By this point, we all know the world is rapidly going to hell in a hand basket.  As evidenced by history repeating itself, most people are total sheep, who will follow the herd, even into darkness.  The 1% is ruling over the other 99% and silence is acceptance.  Spiritual gurus worldwide are predicting a major shift in consciousness imminently. This means the 99% are going to finally open their eyes and squash these bastards that have been robbing us blind for our entire lives by increasing taxes and rent without raising salaries and enslaving us with the necessity to keep jobs we hate just so we can survive.  By keeping us down and in the dark with propaganda and lies, the masses have just silently accepted this is the way life is, but it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to realize that there is no need for this to continue.  We outnumber them!  The people have the power, but only if they choose to exercise it.  Come to the light!

Since so many people have lost their homes due to joblessness and with the governmental denial that we are in a depression, there are tons of buildings that are sitting vacant.  I am envisioning a scenario that sees people en masse squatting in these empty homes for free!  The domino effect will cause the greedy landlords of apartment buildings to rethink these astronomical rents they charge and it will mark the beginning to the necessary shift that’s about to happen.  It will just take a few people to be brave enough to take the first steps and people will follow in droves.  Who’s up for it?

Start now, I say.  It is “independence day” after all.

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